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The rising demand for water soluble CBD is no surprise. Water soluble technology allows for an efficient and innovative delivery system, with smaller particle sizes facilitating a much higher absorption rate within the body. At CBDIsolates, we provide the highest quality products, enabling our clients to cater to informed consumers, who benefit from the portability and convenience.

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CBD isolate is hydrophobic and repels rather than mixes with water. CBDIsolates has resolved the problem through water soluble CBD Plasma. It’s pure CBD formulated to dissolve in any water based product. The exceptional bioavailability of water soluble CBD Plasma adds up to a more affordable option and allows unprecedented access to an array of beverages and foods. There’s no noticeable effect on taste, smell, consistency, or appearance. Mix it into juice or coffee. Sprinkle it over a salad or entree. There’s no specialized knowledge required, and ease-of-measurement allows consumers to adjust daily servings for individual efficacy.

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As an industry pioneer and leader, CBDIsolates provides a trusted source for third-party verified CBD products. Our exceptional customer service combined with quick turnaround and fair pricing make us the ideal choice for all of your needs. Check out our extensive catalog. Don’t see what you’re looking for? No problem. The team from CBDIsolates can formulate your own custom line. Our White Label products are unmatched and offer nearly endless opportunity. We work with companies of all sizes, earning long-term relationships, and are eager to exceed your expectations.

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I worked with them as a vendor. CBD Isolates are great people to do business with, providing high quality, cheap CBD.

James M.

The most helpful and knowledgeable guys that are always happy to go the extra mile in order to please the customer. If you need extra help these guys are awesome and know their stock!

Mike L.

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